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Atyati presented UniKwan an opportunity to enhance the user experience of their service platform GANASEVA. The former has been planning to become the sole most reliable last mile partner to go to and expand its domain from its stronghold i.e., banking sector to other areas of interest. Dependency on help desk and troubleshooting were the major shortcomings of the present platform. A design thinking workshop conducted by UniKwan with all the stakeholders was critical in understanding the business requirements, which then proposed a service design for the entire service delivery system.

The Client

Atyati is a fin-tech company that operates in the last mile-the bottom of the pyramid. Atyati provides entire or part of the ecosystem required for reaching rural and semi-urban markets for Government, Banks, MFIs, NBFCs, Insurers, FMCG or Healthcare companies, E-commerce players, NGOs, Automobile manufacturers or any other company in Retail business.

Target Audience

A User research was carried out for two sets of target audience sitting on the extreme ends of the ganaseva service (a technology platform), the service providers (Banks, Financial Institutions, E-commerce etc. ) and the consumers (BOP, Last mile). The service providers needed better discoverability, accessibility, and interface for the service platform. The consumers needed better services and user satisfaction.


A user-centered approach to innovation and design of services was taken to come with game changing strategies and create an impact overall. During this course, participants were introduced to a broad set of research tools and techniques that can be used to innovate and design services that make a difference to users and the business.


UniKwan conducted a user research for the target audience of Atyati. Groups were identified and contextual interviews were carried out in distant villages in West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. The user statements were interpreted and patterns were observed to find the latent and urgent needs of the user.

Problems and Solutions

The communication model of the whole system for revisited due to lack of digital awareness and gaps in policies. These problems were tackled by devising new policies, products and solutions for long term and short term. For example better interfaces for the platform, cutting down the redundancies in the service and including other services along with financial services. The solution in the form of a service blueprint was documented and delivered.

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