Business Innovation Project

Fellow Trader

Fellow trader aims at solving the problems of novice traders to make informed decisions and follow the experts in the field. The app allows users to create profile and network with top performers and follow and monitor their trading patterns. The users can take this insights and make do their own trades or copy the trades of experts they follow.

The Client

FellowTrader is a social trading platform where first time and novice traders can interact with quality traders and copy trades. The product caters to Novice and Quality Traders – both of whose needs will be addressed in the FellowTrader platform. FellowTrader offers a complete suite of services – focusing on analytics, mobility/ speed and access.

Target Audience

The target audience for Fellow trader include people who are actively involved in trading business, beginners and people who are retired and are loking to invest money in stock market. This app will help link quality traders and their followers.


Our process was centered towards identifying the users mental model and mapping the pain points of each type of user in the context of trading. User's were interviewed and a detailed report on gaps in the current scheme use of online trading were identified. The outcome of the complete study was then translated into Lean UX proces where scenarios for a minimum viable product was finalised.

Problems and Solutions

Most of the avilable platforms for trading could not showcase the trading patterns of the experts in field, balance and other metrics for better informed decision were not shown on the platforms. A thorough research and contextual enquiry provided the real pain points of the aspirirng traders and that helped a lot in incorporating such tools which allows user to get aquainted and comfortable with the paltform. It helped in building trust and credibility so that the user is confident while making a trade.

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