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Lens Bricks

Lens Bricks develops smart sensing technology for people and their homes and for different retail environment. Our team worked as partners with Lens Bricks team to identify new scenarios and insights based on the research and helped them with creating an application to interface between the technology and user.

The Client

Founded in December 2013, Lens Bricks develops smart sensing technology for people and their homes. Its flagship product augments customer awareness about household activity. The camera can also be programmed to look out for record-worthy memorable events as well.

Target Audience

Reliable in-store data and analytics solutions enable better comparison of store performances. The target audience were retailers, in-store staff, manager, sales teams, visual merchandisers and security personals.


The approach was to understand the ecology of an in-store user experience and to also map how other stakeholders are involved. Our design process enabled us to identify different use case scenarios based on potential industries and business applications.


User centered design process to identify the user behaviour. Experience prototyping based on the final use case scenarios to map the behaviour of all stakeholders within the store.

Problems and Solutions

We captured the data on buying behaviour, bottleneck in queues for billing and other interactions. We figured key point indicators for each stakeholder and understood the impact of the data on each. We provided scenarios & solutions of using the technology in the current scenario including Sensing and analytics.

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