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Since 2006 Atyati is solving this challenge of reaching the last mile for institutions that they have partnered with. Atyati provides entire or part of the ecosystem required for reaching rural and semi-urban markets for Government, Banks, MFIs, NBFCs, Insurers and others in Retail business


The project was aimed at positioning the company in the relevant market segment and to stand out from the competitors. This included re-branding and design of web presence of the company. Atyati wanted to have a website that positions themselves as the sole most trustable player in the last mile services.

Problem identified and solution

The old website had a lot of content which became redundant over the years. It was also not showcasing the abilities and magnitude of the company. The employees could not connect with the website and hence felt hesitation to show others where they worked. Atyati required a user research to understand the new audience and position themselves in the last mile service provider market.

For whom is the problem being solved

There were two sets of target audience sitting on the extreme ends of the service. The service providers (Banks, Fin Institutions, E-commerce etc.) and the consumers (BOP, Last mile).


  • Establish thought leadership in domain and technology.
  • Showcase the value proposition as an employer.
  • Show the ability to operate in different geographies and languages.
  • Presenting the information in an easy and comprehensive manner keeping the users engaged throughout the site.
  • Brand connection.

User Interface

Impact of design

Atyati got a new identity and better insight on where to operate in the market. The Website gave better accessibility to the prospective collaborators and more conversions in terms of reaching out to the company. Sense of belongingness to the team at atyati was achieved by mentioning overall impact of their efforts.

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