User Experience Design


iZofy provides a platform to access occult science services in the most exceptional and engaging way. The numerology app, regarded as one of the most extensive applications, providing predictions based on the ruling numbers as you onboard the app.


The platform educates the user about the occult sciences and it's applications. The idea is to guide the users to benefit from the range of services customized based on the user profiles. It also makes the task easy for users to find a service by letting them post their problem first and have experts bidding on them with solutions.

Problem identified and solution

In order to tackle their life problems, users need to identify and discover the right services. Users don't know what part of occult science should they choose and also the importance of it. The current websites and applications provide an overload of content and cumbersome process to locate the right services.

For whom is the problem being solved

The context demanded a wide range of user group. From young to old and from all over the world. Trust and confidence to discover and identify the right services for their problem was the key to access right service and information.

  • Provide entertaining and useful content to keep the users engaged on a daily basis.
  • Access concise and relevant content with right information hierarchy.
  • Allow the users to take more informed decisions.
  • Provide freebies and interactive tools as gifts and offers for user retention and engagement.
User Interface
Impact of design

The new application increased the subscriptions to more than 35,000 readers. Close to 5 lakh users downloaded and installed the app. The platform also opened opportunities for the experts to showcase their abilities.

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