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Ride View

Ride View is a smartphone-based driver monitoring solution, developed by Light Metrics, which gives a 360-degree view of driving behaviour by providing visual context to driving data. Enterprises on this platform can accurately monitor their fleets on safety and compliance, mitigate risk and associated losses, and protect brand value.


Light Metrics took a challenge to solve this gap in the driving ecosystem and bring about a platform that can give valuable insights about the condition of the vehicle and monitor the driving patterns. These insights can be very helpful in better insurance pricing, more constructive feedback for performance and so forth and so on.

Problem identified and solution

UniKwan with its lean UX process identified the touch points and came up with a better value proposition. The idea of keeping user safe & focused on driving and keeping the rest with the app was the approach identified.

For whom is the problem being solved

The number of car lessees in North America between the age group 20-40 years is huge in magnitude. These people are concerned about the better performance of the cars and cutting down on the maintenance cost of the vehicle wherever possible. They have a latent need for a monitoring system that is intelligent enough to gather data and insights on its own to provide to the user whenever he is available.

  • There shouldn't be any interaction between the user and the device while driving to avoid distractions and keep the driver safe.
  • Show the trip performance to the driver to assess himself in terms of safety, attentiveness and speed compliance.
  • Create a ranking model compare their performances with users and take tips and advice from the top performers.
User Interface
Impact of design

Light metrics found scenarios for the new APIs to enhance the technology and its use in many different domains. New business models were crafted for in-car intelligence and assistance. They came up with an application called RIDEVIEW with the features and functionality to monitor the driving behaviour of the users and give them visual feedbacks

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