Usability Project

Nokia LT

Nokia Life tools with a new User Interface was showcased at the Mobile world Conference 2012. UniKwan's aim was to create usable prototypes for s40 touch phones which could clearly show all the functional capabilities of Nokia Life but does not communicate with the server.

The Client

NOKIA, a Finnish multinational communications and information technology company, founded in 1865. The company focuses on large-scale telecommunications infrastructures, technology development, and design licensing. Nokia collaborated with multiple partners across the Indian Government and private enterprises to bring together a rich ecosystem to deliver localised & personalised information directly to consumers' Life Tools-enabled mobile devices.


The existing user interface of Nokia life tools went through a heuristic evaluation process. The idea was to make the visual and user controls of the UI better for the better user operations. The discovery of the features of nokia life tools application was a challenge in the existing UI.

Impact of Design

Nokia life tools application UI was presented to the global audience at Mobile world congress in Barcelona. After receiving a positive response, the design was then implemented in the final product which touched millions of users worlwide.

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