Bangalore Based Top Design Agency Creating A Better Future

A top Bangalore based design consultancy agency that is creating a better future using design thinking.

Importance of Branding
16th August, 2020 · 3 min read

We anticipate and craft meaningful digital experiences for the future.” This is the motto of a top Bangalore based design consultancy agency called Unikwan. With over seven years of experience in the design industry, Unikwan has been successful in making major strides along the way. They believe that design is an essential element achieving a diligent growth in any stream of work.

The word “Kwan” in Unikwan comes from the word Kwoon, which means school. “Unikwan believes its workspace not just as an office for a design agency but also as a school for thought,” says the Managing Director, Prabuddha Vyas. Started in 2012 as a small design agency in Bangalore that helped provide digital solutions now is impacting thousands of lives India wide. It has been a design consultant in industries like finance, tourism, road safety, e-commerce and many more.

Reaching Through Design

Unikwan has a strong multidisciplinary team of User Experience (UX) designers, User Interface (UI) designers, Graphic designers, Content writers, and Motion graphic designers. This has helped them to collaborate with companies of all kinds, from start-ups to large MNCs. Design innovation in companies like Atyati, a financial inclusion company, has helped thousands of rural people access banking facilities. For over five years the company has been providing new-gen UI for television service providers Nagra Kuldeski. A hardware and software manufacturing company that has a worldwide presence in digital and interactive content. Through its diverse approach, Unikwan has been providing digital solutions through its unique design thinking process.

Innovation In Design

Unikwan recently used design thinking for revamping the website for a road safety solution provider, Lightmetrics. Lightmetrics is a company that provides video solutions to fleet management companies. After a thorough user-centric research for Lightmetrics audience, Unikwan successfully built a website that has a clear balance of information and great user experience for the audience.

Unikwan’s collaboration with the Government of Karnataka has proven to be fruitful. Today works of state government in innovation and technology are being appreciated by many national and international executives. It is because of design standards that are upheld by Unikwan. This year’s Bengaluru Tech Summit that attracted top fortune 500 tech companies all over the world is one of the many projects that got added to Unikwan’s laurels.

Future Of Design

Unikwan is a company that believes that design thinking can bring out solutions to any kind of problem. People of Unikwan have been applying this philosophy that has helped them plan, create and execute solutions meticulously. Using design thinking Unikwan aims to further find solutions in sectors like healthcare, e-commerce, sustainable energy and many more. It believes that through design we can build products that are eco-friendly and compatible enough for the future. Through a constructive design approach, it also aims to develop and reshape the governing bodies through policymaking, which will, in turn, help build a better society.

With design at its core, Unikwan anticipates and create better solutions to a sustainable, secure and simple future for people. Collaborate your ideas with Unikwan and design a better future.

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