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Every company somewhere started off with a passion to bring a change in society with their profound ideas. But every company down the lane did stuff like everyone else did, copy. It’s not exactly wrong, it has helped flourish many in their fields. Now when they are established and want to invest in their profound ideas, they usually tend to back out. The foreseeing thoughts of risks and damage inflicting failures hover over their minds.

Most of the companies are in need of an assurance that someone or something can deliver. Something that doesn’t delay or create unexpected losses but has a constructive approach.

A team of designers might just save your day.

Here are the 5 important reasons why hiring a design team can help improve your company.

1.    5X productivity

Design thinking approach has found to be successful in extracting the right amount of work from people. It has helped remove unnecessary obstacles that hinder the progress of any work. If designed well, productivity within the company has multiplied drastically to higher margins.

2.    Save money

If your company is in a tough position to invest or you don’t want to waste money unnecessarily, a design team is your go-to person. Bringing in design changes to your company in any form can be worth your investments. There is a for sure assurance that good design always delivers.

“Companies which used design thinking saved more than $8 million dollars”

Improved performance, reshaping company's growth.
Design thinking at companies have led to increase growth

3.    Empathize your customers

How often we forget in our visions of improving our company in front of the needs of our own customers. Design on its very root lies on values of care and empathy. So, your idea will be user-centric when with a design team. A design team always ensures the customer needs are met and the user experiences are upheld to the utmost.

4.    Reduce risk

Taking risks for any company is a tough task to handle. We as a design team understand it. But risks are the only thing can that bring out the deranged ideas into reality. A design team would take calculative risks rather. It also avoids the ones which can directly or indirectly pose problems in the future.

5.    Increase profitability

At the end of the day, the idea should bring fruitful results for the company. Companies have earned more than $1,00,000 dollars in profit by using design thinking. The profit keeps increasing with new innovations in design. Design today is slowly marking its footprints in various sectors from government policies, information technology, medicine, art and many more. As it is used furthermore the more it will replenish to better forms. So, this is the perfect time for you to invest in design and constructively build upon your profound ideas.

“The main tenet of design thinking is empathy for the people you’re trying to design for. Leadership is exactly the same thing – building empathy for the people that you’re entrusted to help.”
–    David Kelley

UniKwan is a Top 2019 Design Agency on Clutch.

UniKwan is excited to announce that we have been named as one of the top creative and design companies in India by Clutch!

“The creative and design agencies listed by Clutch create eye-catching designs and enable more user-friendly tools,” said Clutch Business Analyst Jeremy Fishman. “These companies should be extremely proud of their work and their inclusion in this announcement.”

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews site based in Washington DC. They provide industry insights and research to help customers choose the business that will best suit their needs. They rank businesses in a number of different service categories and locations. We are very proud and thankful to clutch to be cited in the list of the top Indian UX design agencies.

Over the course of many years, our user centric design approach on sectors of healthcare, business intelligence, gaming, finance, e-commerce has finally proven fruitful. UniKwan is ranked on The Manifest as one of the leading UX designers in India. We were featured for our focus on user design, as well as a development project we did with a software development company.

We at Unikwan believe that with the same passion and willingness, we would top the same list of UX design agencies. And prove to the best throughout India and the world in the coming years.

We would like to thank all our clients for working with us and getting us to where we are today. We are excited to receive this recognition and can’t wait to continue growing our presence on Clutch.

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Breaking down complex ideas to solve problems easier.

Understanding the common misunderstandings of what we know about design. Redefining how design thinking helps problem solving.

In the world where we are thousands of miles away from our friends. Where we lacked space for storing information. When we were losing social interactions, smartphones came as a wave that swept away all of our problems. The question here is, “how did the person who made smartphones knew all our problems?” Even Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, never would have thought his one invention would solve so many problems of people.

Who designs nowadays?

Problems are an integral part of human beings and we value it to the utmost. If not we wouldn’t have been bothering about solving it. There have come, gone, failed and succeeded so many problem solvers in this world. But there are only a few who have attained success. It is a real known fact that not all can seek to solve their problems. It might seem nonsensical but it is true. Back then they were called philosophers, thinkers, scientists and now they are called designers.

Solving major problems of web design through design.
Constructive design thinking has helped many designers solve problems faster and better

Why do we need designers?

Every creator’s intention while making the product is to cater to the needs of the problem. And finally make the product solve the problem. As simple as that. But what if the user finds it problematic to solve the problem itself. Imagine you wanted a watch with an alarm feature in it. The watchmaker adds an alarm feature in it with a small buzzer. Now you know you have an alarm in your watch but you find it difficult every time while setting an alarm. The watchmaker had made the buttons very confusing to use. Your problem is solved with an added problem. After a point, you might feel like throwing the watch away out of frustration.

What we clearly see here is, we don’t just need people who solve our problems. We need people who can solve problems in a way we can solve problems. We need people who can understand our faults, who can understand behaviours. When we are in a hurry, when we can wait, even when we would be irritated or angry. One has to be empathetic and patient in understanding what we want actually. A person who has all these abilities is called a designer.

What is design actually?

Design is not just about adding nice looking colours to a wall or to  a website for that matter. It is about being passionate about catering to one’s needs. Designers carefully planning the actions and emotions of users. Guiding users to a better experience. Providing simple and clear information. It is also about how it looks because we don’t want our users to run away from using it. After all this, the intention is to make the users feel proud and happy that they could solve their problems by themselves.

What is design, is not what you have been thinking. It is what that made you not think.

“Profound ideas are always obvious once they are understood.”

                                                                     ~ Don Norman