UX Audit: The True ROI of User Experience

In today's fast-paced world UX Audit is no longer a choice, but a compulsion. A well-established User Experience design contributes to a long-lasting impression in the user's mind which in turn makes the user to return to our website only if they had a good experience.

UX Audit
Varna Madhukar
6th August, 2022 · 6 min read
UX Audit: The True ROI of User Experience

User experience (UX) designers are constantly striving to improve the level of customer satisfaction. An efficient audit will produce a list of doable suggestions for enhancing your website. The implementation of suggested improvements is aided by an audit report, which puts you one step closer in achieving the company’s objectives.

UniKwan is a highly recognized industry leader with over 8 years of experience not only in India but also across the globe. We can assist you in learning what a UX audit and a checklist is and how your company can profit from performing one as an experienced UX agency.

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What Is UX Audit?

A User Experience Audit (UX Audit) is a quality assurance (QA) process that identifies problematic aspects of a digital product, demonstrating which features are frustrating for the users.

In a UX design audit, the website performance is carefully examined and assessed from the user's viewpoint. The audit tries to spot any previously overlooked problems. Based on usability testing, and user testing, a UX audit report reveals crucial areas for your site’s improvement.

Why Do You Need to Conduct a UX Audit?

UX Audit is a handy tool for those who are looking to pinpoint usability issues in their digital products. It will assist you in identifying problematic areas that cause users to quit your site.

Ux Audit Increase Your Products Conversation

The following are some of the benefits of a UX audit for your website:

  • In order to spot user experience gaps.
  • Increase the efficiency of your website.
  • Improve user-friendliness on your website.
  • To make it simple for site users to carry out particular goal actions on your website, such as completing a purchase or signing up for a subscription, etc.
  • To get analytics data regarding your users' behavior.
  • To improve website visitor engagement.

When Should You Do a Website UX Audit?

A website UX audit can be performed before a significant revamp of your website, or if user engagement and conversion rates are poor. In order to determine whether the product still satisfies its users' needs and fundamental usability principles, UX audits can also be carried out proactively, such as twice a year.

In order to make sure a product satisfies both business and user experience objectives, businesses may also plan recurring UX audits. At various stages of a website's life cycle, a UX audit might be beneficial.

Not sure if your product should have a UX audit? You can check our UX audit checklist for free!!! We have compiled more than 50 UX criteria into a single notion template.

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3-Step UX Audit process

Research: Briefing, Benchmarking, User research

Before conducting a UX audit, we define the goals and know what to expect from customers, budget, and timelines.

We Identify the customers and their personas to see if current users match the targeted users. Besides user personas, we extract valuable information about customers from stakeholder interviews and conduct competitor analysis.


A heuristic evaluation during a UX audit, in more concrete words, is having a team of designers assess your product while keeping an eye out for any heuristic problems. Nielsen's usability heuristics are the most popular set that experts employ.

Performing a competitive analysis in UX design helps companies identify competitors’ strengths and weaknesses relative to their own business, product, and design. The insight designers gain through competitive analysis research helps them develop better products and more effective UX designs

We utilize a number of approaches to perform the UX audit assessment by sending out a group of designers to complete -

  • Sitemap and wireframes: Wireframes give more accurate depictions of the layout of the project as well as give a glimpse of how the final project will look like.
  • Final screens: We export the final designs to the client that includes all the screens for the features including different states and edge cases, as well as a mobile version.

Execution: Style guide and GUI design

Style guide in UX: We record an expanding and constantly changing collection of design guidelines that come up during the design process. Design principles are a set of rules that affect how designers approach to resolve issues. We propose a style guide that is best suitable for the product/service.

GUI (Graphic User Interface) design: Involves how users interact with the visuals of a design created.

Colleagues working on UX Audit which is a handy tool for those who are looking to pinpoint usability issues in their digital products.

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A good UX design with a UX Audit is a powerful duo to improve user retention on your website ultimately increasing engagement and sales.

During the audit stage, the blocking points identified will be consolidated by UX analysis which is carried out from actual user experience through user tests.

Any product, project, or service must have user acceptance. A good rule of thumb is to test early and frequently. Businesses simply fail if their customers are dissatisfied. Make yours happy by providing a good user experience.

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