Nagra Kudelski

DishTV EPG Design with New Age Remote
Dish EPG Design
Category: User Experience
Client: Nagra Kudelski
Industry: Digital TV


Nagra Kudelski intends to design and migrate Dish TV EPG UI to next-generation UI. The UI design intent is to cater to Metro and Tier 1 audience. The remote for the next-gen UI is also re-designed to make a significant impact on how users interact with EPG.

This is the most important phase of the design work as change in UI and most importantly the change in the design of remote will have a substantial impact on the user interactions.
Dish TV Screenshot

Defining the Solution

We approach each project as a true collaboration in ideation --the process of creating new Ideas. The methodology will be to understand the impact on users interaction based on the change in the design of remote and UI of next-generation version 2.

The idea is to keep the UX process “LEAN” to deploy changes in UI quickly. UniKwan will work in line with the project management plan to execute the planned items as per phases keeping it agile and ensuring timely delivery.

What we Did
  • Identifying the primary and secondary function of the EPG and Remote.
  • Information Architecture
  • Structural and Navigational Design of interface
  • Compositional Design of Interface (Creation of HD UI proposal)
  • Creating assets for the HD version
  • Usability study of the remote
Dish TV Design


Impact of Design

The design is one of its kind and inspired the design philosophy of DishTV design language for the hardware and UI.

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