Enterprise Edtech Application
Edprime Consumer Application
Category: User Experience
Client: Edprime
Industry: Education Management


Edprime is an Education Management Software. The major objective is to create an online system that is used to plan, execute, and assess a specific learning process. The vision of Edprime's Learning Management Systems is to enhance the learning process and create a platform that not only delivers content, but also handles registering courses, course administration, skill gap analysis, tracking, and reporting.

It offers research-driven intelligent technology and multi-layered management expertise to empower the entire education ecosystem.

Defining the Solution

The app is designed to cater to all functions of an education system. It transforms the complex education institute management into simple and efficient day-to-day operations. The Design Strategy was to make the experience fun and playful. The platform user experience focused on achieving clarity and collaboration among stakeholders. It is a one-stop solution for students and parents to monitor, learn, and grow.

What we Did
  • UX Benchmarking
  • User Interface Design (mobile and web app)
  • Prototyping
  • Design Specifications
Edprime Screenshot

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