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Gig Economy Job Platform
Gigsasa | Gig economy job platform
Category: User Experience
Client: Gigsasa
Industry: Enterprise


The struggle of finding a job and the right candidate in the service industry is real. Gigsasa is trying to reshape the employment landscape for professionals and hourly employers by making it instant, accessible, and efficient.

In today’s digitalized world, where most things happen with a tap or swipe, applying for a job and the recruitment process should be time saving and cost-effective.
Gigsasa Screenshot

Defining the Solution

We ran a competitor analysis comparing Gigsasa with other platforms. We evaluated them against standard parameters.

What we Did
  • Defining the problem and brand
  • Identifying the use cases
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Visual Design
  • Hybrid Development
Gigsasa Design

Impact of Design

We feel that we tackled the project successfully. Our prototype met the needs of our job seeker persona by making the job searching process quick, easy, convenient, and transparent.

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