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OTT Streaming Platform
Lionsgate Play Consumer Application
Category: User Experience
Client: Lionsgate Play
Industry: OTT/Digital TV


Lionsgate Play is an OTT app and the latest streaming service/platform that brings Hollywood's finest collection of Movies, TV shows, etc., right to your pockets. The main motto of this app is to entertain people no matter where you live, it gives access to the best collections of TV Shows and Movies. The purpose was to design and deliver a consistent experience across devices, regardless of where the user starts, continues, and ends the journey.

"In today's modern world or due to the current pandemic situation, people started focusing more on digital content. Watching and accessing the OTT media platform keeps costs low and ensures maximum efficiency. This technology is distributing more and more media content each day."
Lionsgate Play

Defining the Solution

The cross-platform application is designed to make the user view and access to entertainment content intuitively and easily. The Cross-Platform Design helped the user to watch their favourite shows on different gadgets seamlessly. It is inspired to make the user feel they're engaging with the application through various devices without any lag in user experience performance, functionality, etc. The design was composed to give personalized recommendations as per the user's previous activity to help them choose the content easily without spending much time searching.

What we Did
  • User Research
  • Wireframing
  • User Interface & Visual Design
  • Prototyping
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Usability
Lionsgate Play Screenshot

Impact of Design

Lionsgate has been embracing the OTT strategy by bringing a unique and varied portfolio of entertainment to provide an exceptional experience to users. It successfully fulfilling their users' needs is the ongoing desire to innovate.

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