Over the past decade, the education industry has been making tremendous changes from the traditional teaching method to the accessible ways of the digital learning experience. Since the pandemic, BYJU’S an Indian educational technology and online tutoring firm, have raised several billions of investments, and over 20 million new students have started learning from its platform. Other learning platforms such as Unacademy and Toppr also raised funds during the pandemic period, which leads to the future of education.


The development of User Experience and Interface design has seen a competitive advantage in the education sector, which suits both students and instructors. The deployment of the internet and technology has challenged the conventional structures of education and forced them to keep up with the changing norms of E-learning Design models. Technological advancement has made people more concerned with the learning environment without time constraints. Thus, experience design is essential in the education department because technology has affected the modern education system. This requires a portable design structure to ensure success.


Design solutions for the education sector consider the right engageable and active users as a priority as they get involved with solutions around the clock. The involvement of the key stakeholders while developing and designing the user experience will play a crucial role. The stakeholders in the education system involve staff, administrators, parents, students, community members, and school board members. The process begins such as 'why the project is initiated' and ‘what business value does this design bring'. We need to map the psychological factors and problems faced by stakeholders at each step of the user-friendly design process so that the result offers a technologically rich and coherent learning experience.

Emerging Technologies

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Automation
  • Learning Analytics
  • Computational Thinking
  • Usage of 5G Tech
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