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Nowadays customers need a seamless and more transparent buying experience, and they want to keep track of the whole process from shipment to delivery of their product. Customer Experience design in E-commerce can be more functional by designing supply-chain networks, which are more automated and customer-centric. Digital technologies have undergone massive changes though little focus has been given to improve the logistics and supply chain solutions. E-commerce sales are expected to grow by the end of year 2020.


COVID-19 outbreak has severely disrupted the global economy. Due to this, We have seen that E-commerce has the potential of being considered the most innovative industry, but the truth is much can be done once the organizations realize the importance of customer experience solutions. The pandemic has made it clear that e-commerce can be an important tool/solution. Ecommerce is projected to grow by nearly 20% YoY in 2020. Consumer behavior is rapidly changing and due to this, there is a drastic change in shopping behavior. The shift from bulk-buying at Brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping will dominate the global market in the long run. Conscious consumerism has led to the rise of sustainable and ethical e-commerce. The top categories consumers have targeted during this shift are alcohol, home improvement materials, and groceries (up 16%, 14%, and 12% respectively), and clothing has declined significantly. The user experience design and interface will be dependent upon a standard set of principles and the journey map of users. Retaining and engaging users on brands for a meaningful experience.


The journey map for an e-commerce platform includes the experience which starts from website/app development, product search and browses, product page cart, checkout, payment method, and confirmation. For brands, it is important to be strategically and competitively present on the platform where the decision to purchase is being made by the customer. The solution to this issue is quite simply listening to the customers. The Application and Website need to grab the users' attention. The interface has to be holistic, integrated, and ranges from relevant call-to-action, custom landing page, on-site search, filters, detailed product information, and much more. These touchpoints build user-friendly apps and effective journey experience. Real-time analytics are being added on an E-commerce platform focussed on the retail price and its optimization. It helps to identify inefficiencies, optimize key metrics, and auto-execute data-driven insights.

Emerging Technologies

  • AI-powered chatbots
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things
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