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Our services offer bespoke capabilities to strategise and design experiences in the digital world to engage and help achieve the goals of enterprises and their customers.

We intend to create quality user-centric design and change the way people experience the web and other digital interfaces.


Driving innovation and customer-centricity in mid and large organisations. Enabling lean process to execute & realising strategies.

  • Be User & Design led (Solve problems and induce a culture of customer-centricity)
  • Map the gap (Outside in perspective, Journey mapping)
  • Design & refine Products & Services (Usability, UX audits, Service Design)
  • Extend Design Capacity (Hire designers)


Assisting startups with the right product-market fit or solving problems of identifying new business avenues.

  • Product Accelerator (Lean UX, Design Sprints and Prototyping)
  • Be Design-led (Solve problems and identify new business avenues)
  • Brand Design

Public Sector

Setting up processes and tools to drive people-centred design for schemes, policies, outreach and advocacy.

  • Map the gap (Outside in perspective, journey mapping, workflows and governance)
  • Be citizen and design-led (Design thinking, Service design and design Sprints)
  • Design Roles (Hire Designers)

Our Process

 Our Process
How We Work

Creative Work
With Clients

4-6 weeks
Project basis / Rapid Product design
2-4 months
Project basis / Product & Service Innovation
3-6 months
Project / Retainer (Speculative and Future business strategy)
6 months+
Build capacity
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Frequently Asked Questions

The reason behind starting UniKwan? What are your areas of focus as a design agency?

We value design because design values people and the planet. We see a huge opportunity for business to create a paradigm using design principles to align themselves to be future-ready. We intend to craft a meaningful & delightful digital experience that shapes behaviours and habits for users and customers to make relevant decisions for everyday life.

What separates UniKwan from other UX and web design agencies?

We are at the forefront of user-centred research, systems thinking, visual thinking, whiteboard thinking which are useful in problem-solving. These are our core value propositions, and we believe that crafting delightful and meaningful experiences is a derivative of the process. We strive to differentiate the brand in this massive digital space where the challenge is to make your brand stand out.

Designing strong narratives, value propositions and matching them with delightful products and interactions, we believe you can stand out and reach your audience.

Do you do brand and identity?

Our services are focused towards Research, UX, Product design & Customer experiences. With experience, we have realised a good customer experience has to be consistent and holistic. The brand design gives you the cohesiveness of a seamless experience and carries the message beautifully. Yes, we do work on brand & identify and strongly recommend all startups and companies to consider.

Can you help us redesign our legacy enterprise/B2B software?

Enterprise UX is integral to our services, and we do have a dedicated team working on this very interesting area of user experience. We follow a very systematic approach to mitigate the errors and give data visualisation and its usability a new meaning.

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