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Leading the Way in Human-Centered, System-Thinking Design Solutions

As a premier UI/UX agency, we create intuitive, accessible experiences to streamline complex processes. We aim to redefine your products' UX through a human-centered approach and systemic design thinking.

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Who we are

Founded in 2012 in Bengaluru, India, UniKwan comes from the word “Kwoon”, meaning house, school, or style. We strive to become design leaders and innovators, driving the digital ecosystem both in India and globally.

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Our interdisciplinary approach combines technical experts, artists, domain professionals, and others with diverse skill sets. This union of thought leverages the varied synergies from our collaboration to build innovative client solutions.

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We are rigorously data-driven and research-oriented, using solid evidence to guide our decisions and strategies. This foundation enables us to deliver real, measurable returns on investment (ROI).

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We shape digital journeys with intent.

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Making a Mark on the International Design Scene

Our track record speaks volumes about our ability to transform and lead.









Our dedication to groundbreaking design and innovation has been recognized as the best UX/UI agency and rewarded globally. These accolades underscore our commitment to excellence in every project.


DIA Award

Recognized for our exceptional digital innovation with Atyati Technologies, a fintech company. We developed a holistic customer experience for last-mile financial inclusion, enabling Atyati to expand from banking into other sectors.



Recognized once again for our leadership in creative design in India, proving our consistent performance and innovation.



Honoured as the best UI/UX agency of the year, reflecting our industry-leading solutions and customer satisfaction.



Named a top creative UX Design Agency for our strategic approach to UX/UI, which sets us apart from competitors.


CES Innovation Award

Honoured for outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology. This showcased our breakthrough innovations at the world's most influential tech event.

Trusted by Leading Brands

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Our Goals

We Can Help Build Predictably Successful Products That Matter

As a leading UI UX design agency, we aim to transform ideas into successful, impactful products that resonate deeply with users and stand out in the market.


Turn Complex into Seamless

We simplify intricate processes through intuitive design, making sophisticated systems user-friendly and reducing cognitive load for a smoother user experience.


Help You Launch Better Products

Our strategic design framework supports startups and established businesses alike in launching superior products that are well-received and set up for long-term success.


Elevate Overall Design Standards

We are committed to redefining industry standards for exceptional design, setting new benchmarks in UI/UX excellence that others strive to achieve.

The Way Forward

A Message from Our Founder


Prabuddha Vyas

Founder & Managing Director

Design has the power to significantly shape future technological advancements and society as a whole. Every interaction with technology-based services and products requires thoughtful design, not just to drive sales, but to reflect our unwavering commitment to exceptional user satisfaction.

As the founder of UniKwan, I believe in the power of collaboration. Choosing UniKwan means embarking on a purposeful journey. We are dedicated to creating designs that foster interaction, build product loyalty, and drive business growth.

At UniKwan, we:

  • Drive behaviors and business alignment through design.
  • Create, build, maintain, and evolve impactful designs.
  • Design products and experiences that resonate with users.
  • Embrace a user-centered approach for experimentation, leveraging data, metrics, and measurement statistics to drive growth.
  • Understand product market fit.
  • The world of design is ever-evolving, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this progression.

We look forward to partnering with you to make your product and service stand out through innovative and effective design solutions.