Bapuji Seva Kendra

Bapuji Seva Kendra, a groundbreaking initiative launched in 2016, has transformed the landscape of rural citizen service delivery in Karnataka. From physical centers offering diverse government services to a seamless online portal, BSK 2.0 is revolutionizing the user experience. Not only does it provide convenient access from anywhere, but it also streamlines procedures with defined timelines, clear accountability, and reduced paperwork, empowering rural citizens with a more efficient and transparent government service ecosystem.

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  • UX4G
  • System Mapping
  • UI Redesign
  • Design System Development
  • Interface design
  • Visual communication


Rural citizens in Karnataka faced a confusing and inefficient system for accessing government services due to inconsistent information, unclear interfaces, and frequent layout changes. Bapuji Seva Kendra sought the expertise to create a user-friendly solution with clear hierarchy, concise instructions, and consistent design elements to improve user experience and build trustworthy perception, ultimately leading to better service delivery for rural communities.

What we did

We designed a user-centric mobile app design that significantly enhances accessibility to government services for rural citizens in Karnataka. This app prioritizes UX design for government (UX4G), through a user-friendly interface, reduces travel time and costs, promotes transparency and responsiveness, and streamlines service delivery within the administrative machinery.

Project Goal

Through in-depth user research, we designed a mobile app that prioritizes User Experience Design for Government (UX4G) in rural Karnataka. This app simplifies service access and navigation for rural citizens. A robust design system ensures consistency, while seamless integration with government infrastructure guarantees smooth operation. This holistic approach, including localization features, empowers rural communities with a user-centric service delivery solution, removing language and cultural barriers.

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Imagine living in a beautiful village, but the nearest government office felt miles and miles away. Getting things done, like paying bills or getting a certificate, meant long journeys, waiting in lines for hours, and sometimes even facing confusion about the process. That's what life was like for many rural citizens in Karnataka, India.

Streamline Service Discovery

In the vast tapestry of India, where diverse languages and cultural nuances weave a unique landscape, navigating government services can often feel like traversing a labyrinth. Recognizing this challenge, our team prioritized a user-centric approach with a strong emphasis on localization. We designed an intuitive and organized layout for the app's utility and service categories, making it incredibly easy for citizens to find the specific services they need quickly and efficiently. This user-friendly design empowers even those less familiar with technology to navigate the app with confidence, ensuring essential government services are readily accessible to all.

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User-Centric Task Management

Recognizing the need for efficient service management, the app prioritizes a user-friendly task management system. This intuitive interface tackles the common challenge of tracking government interactions. Citizens can readily view the status of their requests (e.g., "Disconnection of Water Supply" or "Occupancy Certificate") directly within the app, eliminating the need for reference numbers or multiple visits for updates. Additionally, users can manage applications, potentially including document uploads or appointment scheduling. This user-centric approach fosters control and transparency, simplifying task management and reducing stress for rural communities interacting with government services.

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Voice Search Integration

We understand that using technology can sometimes be a hurdle, particularly for those who face challenges with text input. That's why the Bapuji Seva Kendra app is designed with accessibility in mind. To ensure everyone can easily access the services they need, we've integrated a user-friendly Voice Search feature. This innovative feature lets you search for services using simple voice commands, eliminating the need for typing.

Design System Development

Our team prioritized user experience with a centralized design system. The system ensures consistency by housing reusable UI components, a defined style guide for typography, colors, documented interaction and spacing patterns. This empowers efficient development, reduces user cognitive load, and streamlines onboarding for new team members, all contributing to a unified and high-quality user experience for citizens utilizing BSK services.

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