Edprime is an innovative provider of Education Resource Planning (ERP) solutions with a vision to revolutionize the learning process. Their Learning Management System (LMS) is an integrated platform for course registration, administration, skills analysis, and student progress tracking. It's a user-friendly oasis for educators, schools, and students, streamlining school operations, offering teaching resources, fostering a student community, and more.

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  • LMS UI/UX Design
  • UX Benchmarking
  • User interface design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping
  • Design specification
  • Design system development
  • User flow and task flow
  • Wireframes
  • UI Specification
  • UX Writing


In today's digital world, educational institutions require user-friendly platforms that cater to students and parents. EdPrime, a comprehensive Education Resource Planning (ERP) solution, identified a need to improve the UX/UI design of their Learning Management System (LMS) specifically for the student login and mobile app. The existing design lacked intuitiveness and failed to engage users, potentially hindering the overall learning experience for all stakeholders.

What we did

Through EdPrime's LMS, a transformation of the education ecosystem was achieved. This was driven by our team's optimization of institutional workflows through intuitive LMS UI/UX design and process automation. The platform further enhanced pedagogical effectiveness via robust content delivery systems and targeted skill development modules. Additionally, advanced collaboration tools ensured seamless stakeholder interaction. The aesthetically designed, user-centric interface provided an engaging and efficient experience for educators, students, and administrators.

Project Goal

The UX revamp aimed for targeted measurable improvements: a 25% reduction in task completion times, a 15% increase in content engagement, 20% faster communication resolution times, and an 85% user satisfaction rating - all to enhance the overall user learning experience.

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EdPrime's revamped onboarding screen streamlines the user journey for students and parents. Featuring a clear interface and step-by-step visuals, it guides users through essential setup effortlessly. This enhanced experience minimizes onboarding friction, promoting user adoption of EdPrime's comprehensive education management platform.

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Main page

Our team prioritized easy access to key functionalities, promoting a seamless user experience. Users can directly access live classes, recorded sessions for review, communication features like chat messaging, and view the bulletin of the week, all optimized for quick discovery. The information-dense design drove engagement and gave users a single view to discover various capabilities of the system.

Academics Page

Our UX design streamlines academics' workflows by centralizing everything in one user-friendly platform. This includes managing student information (enrollment, transfers, profiles), providing access to timetables and learning resources, offering efficient attendance tracking with real-time visibility for parents, and empowering faculty with a robust examination system featuring diverse question formats, vast question banks, and detailed student performance reports.

Fee Management Page

We streamlined school finance management with a user-friendly Fee Management System design for EdPrime. Schools can now manage diverse fee structures, online/offline payments, and various methods (including digital!) with ease. Our design incorporates features like cheque management, reconciliation, partial/full payments, refund processing, and financial service integration for a holistic solution. Schools gain valuable insights with comprehensive reports, while parents experience a convenient and transparent fee payment journey.

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Comprehensive Communication Dashboard

Leveraging the power of design thinking, our team identified the critical need for a central communication hub within Edprime ecosystem. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, we crafted central hub offers diverse channels (announcements, messaging, forums, video conferencing) for targeted communication and real-time collaboration. Improved visibility into message history and accessibility features empower clear and efficient exchange of information between teachers, students, parents, and administrators.

Design System Development

We proudly delivered comprehensive design system documentation tailored for both web and mobile applications for EdPrime, ensuring consistency, scalability, and user-centricity across their digital platforms. Our meticulous approach ensured clarity in design principles, component usage, and interaction patterns, fostering consistency and efficiency in development efforts while upholding EdPrime's brand identity and user-centric ethos.

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