Fastrack, India's leading youth accessories brand, is known for its irreverent, youthful spirit and affordable, trendy products. Launched in 1998 as a sub-brand of Titan Watches, it offers watches, sunglasses, bags, belts, and wallets, catering to the sporty and co-ed youth demographic. Fastrack prioritizes staying ahead of trends, delivering what their audience wants before they even know it. Their accessible and edgy brand identity resonates with young consumers, making them a leader in the Indian youth fashion scene.

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  • UX Audit
  • User research
  • Wireframing
  • User Interface & Visual Design
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Design System Management


Fastrack, a leading youth-oriented watch brand under Titan, faced a disconnect between its vibrant, youthful brand identity and its existing website experience. While the brand resonated strongly with Indian consumers, the online platform failed to translate this energy and engagement, leading to issues such as high cart abandonment rates and low product page visits.

What we did

We, as a UX and product design agency, aimed to achieve two key outcomes for Fastrack. First, by crafting a modern e-commerce platform that seamlessly reflects their youthful and vibrant brand image. Second, by fostering a captivating and engaging user experience that addresses specific pain points like cart abandonment and product page visits.

Project Goal

The project aimed to create a modern, fashion-forward e-commerce platform for Fastrack, offering a seamless and engaging user experience while maintaining optimal usability. This redesign focused on bridging the gap between brand identity and online experience, ultimately driving business goals through improved user engagement and conversions.

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Did you know? In the fashion and retail industry, particularly the accessories sector, bounce rates can be as high as 38.3% (as of September 2023, according to Statista). This means nearly half of all website visitors leave after just one page view. These numbers paint a clear picture: a significant portion of potential customers are abandoning online stores without completing purchases. This often points to a bad user experience (UX).

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Making a Robust IA

To combat user confusion and improve navigation, we implemented a robust Information Architecture (IA) strategy. This involved clearly segmenting watch categories for intuitive product discovery. Recognizing the prevalence of gifting within Fastrack's user base, a dedicated gifting section was introduced and highlighted, catering to diverse needs and preferences while streamlining the overall user experience.

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Enhanced Discovery

To improve product discoverability and user understanding, we streamlined product information. Our team simplified naming conventions, focusing on clear descriptions and highlighting key features. Color variations were visually represented, and detailed specifications were presented in a user-friendly tabular format. For product detail pages, particularly smart wearables with multiple features, we utilized existing marketing banners to visually showcase functionalities, allowing for a simpler naming convention without compromising SEO.

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Gamified Shopping

Taking inspiration from the playful spirit of Fastrack, we proposed the feature of gamification on the website. Quizzes, spin-the-wheel challenges, and guess-the-price games were all potential ways to incentivize users to explore the brand's offerings in a more engaging way. These interactive elements not only add a layer of fun but also subtly reinforce Fastrack's youthful and energetic brand image, creating a more memorable user experience that goes beyond the typical online shopping journey.

Building Brand Affinity

Leveraging Fastrack's social brand identity, we prioritized social proof through customer reviews and testimonials. Lifestyle imagery replaced product-only visuals, fostering a stronger connection with the youthful audience. Product listings offered personalized recommendations, while user-generated content on product pages boosted buyer confidence and encouraged user engagement, turning them into brand ambassadors.

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building brand

Unconventional UX

To cater to Fastrack's tech-savvy audience, we implemented interactive overlays for a more engaging browsing experience. We also introduced unconventional features like product comparison and store finder, aiming for a unique user journey that resonates with their fashion-forward mindset. Additionally, a "Quick View" feature on product listings allows for faster product exploration and checkout, mimicking the behavior of trendy fashion brands and streamlining the customer journey.

Unconventional UX

Design System Development

Our team collaborated closely with Fastrack to implement a unique design system. This system ensures brand consistency and lightning-fast design workflows, empowering their teams to create exceptional user experiences. This ground-up solution eliminates generic templates, ensuring Fastrack's unique brand identity shines through every user touchpoint.

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